The Wonders of Stamp Collecting and Children

The Wonders of Stamp Collecting and Children


Recently I had the pleasure of introducing stamp collecting to a young boy name Leo who is just over 3 years old. Within minutes we were both engaged and on the hunt to find the correct stamp to fill a blank space in the stamp album.  With no digital gadgets or buttons to push, it was nice to see a young boy instantly focused and enjoying the task placed before him.

 I have been asked many times why stamp collecting is no longer the worlds #1 hobby. The answer is that it is a lesson that starts in the home. Parents may be unaware that the hobby exists and find it easier to hand their child an electronic device to acquire information.


Stamp collecting is a hobby that involves a variety of learning styles that allow us to use different parts of the brain. By incorporating more parts of our brain, we remember what we learn. Human interaction binds all of these abilities together, and that is also what makes this experience memorable for the child.


Stamp Collecting Today:


Nowadays stamp collecting may seem a bit drab and boring. To the contrary, building a stamp collection has exciting benefits for both the parent and child. It is a hobby that involves both simple pleasures and great rewards. Each tiny artifact tells a great story that connects us to a memory of the past.  With the world and technology moving as fast as it is, we have forgotten the simple pleasures that involve meaningful human collaboration and the memories that are a result of this interaction.

As parents it is not only our responsibility to connect with our children, but also to find enjoyable ways to teach them. Putting together a stamp collection is sort of like putting together a giant puzzle. Each piece tells a story about one of a million subjects placed on the face of a stamp. Every stamp you pick up will give your child an opportunity to learn something new and will keep his/her interest until you pick up the next.

Today, there are few hobbies that are both social and solitary, visual and verbal, logical and creative. Regardless of your learning style, everyone can benefit from stamp collecting. It is something for the whole family to enjoy and it connects us to our past, present, and future.


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I found my first stamp collection 13 years ago at a Salvation Army in San Diego and I was hooked from day one! I began to amass more collections and spent a few years researching the stamp market.I started advertising and making offers on stamp collections.

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  1. Lauren Acevedo

    I didn’t know how your journey began. So inspiring! Congratulations on the new website and things to come, love!!

  2. Oh wow!!! This sounds like so much fun. I will uatpde my blog, make a fun card and post here…I defenitely would like to try for a chance. All the best to all! Love the stamps!

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