FAQs – Selling Your Stamp Collection

Portugal SpainMany questions arise when selling your stamp collection. Below, we address the most common questions asked by our customers.





How much is my old stamp collection worth?

Old does not mean valuable. From the 1800s up to the 1970s, (long before the advent of video games and cell phones), stamp collecting was a hobby that almost all families took part in. This hobby kept post offices around the world very busy printing plenty of stamps to accommodate all the collectors throughout the world. Over the last 30 years stamp collecting has become less popular each and every year. As a result, the supply and demand has decreased. One of the main reasons is the lack of interest shown by the younger generations.

How long does it take to appraise and receive payment for my collection?

Depending on the size of the collection, once we receive it, it takes no longer then 1-3 days to evaluate and contact you with an offer. All payments are mailed within 2 days following the agreement. (We make sure this process does not drag on like it can with other stamp dealing companies.)

Is it better to sell to a private collector as opposed to a dealer?

Although private collectors will offer more for some material, most likely they will just want to cherry-pick the collection. This will devalue your collection and render it much less desirable.

What are some of the reasons you are able to offer more for my stamp collection?

There are a few reasons to take into account. First, we have kept our company very simple and have avoided the huge overhead and operational costs that other stamp companies have to take into consideration when making their offers. The second is we are not in the business of just flipping collections for quick profit. We spend plenty of time organizing, prepping and adding to collections before presenting them to our buyers. Also over the last 12 years we have established a large global base of collectors and dealers that we have formed good relationships with that allow us avoid online auction costs. Finally, by conducting fair business we have established a great word of mouth program that continues to grow each year.




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