Sell Your Stamp Collection

So, you have decided that you may want to sell a stamp collection. There are several things to consider when selling your stamp collection. Through our years of experience, we have created a simplified process for buying and selling large stamp collections.

The first step to sell your stamp collection is to contact us by phone. After a brief description of the collection and a few simple questions, we can determine whether the material can be shipped to us or if we should travel to view your collection material.

The first step to sell your stamp collection is to contact us by phone.


Shipping before you sell your stamp collection:

If we have determined the collection needs to be shipped to us, depending on the type of collection, we will first determine the best service for shipment. The first step is contacting us with the tracking information. After we receive and evaluate the collection we will contact you within 1 to 3 days with an offer. All communication will be done via telephone (no waiting on emails).

How to Ship Stamps the right way:

    • Always use new boxes and be sure to tightly pack each collection, using plenty of bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent the material from shifting.


    • Secure the albums with rubber bands so no material gets loose. Also, put them in plastic bags to prevent water damage.



    • Make sure all addresses are written clearly on the boxes.

Shipping expense:

Seller is responsible for the costs of shipping the stamp collection to us. However, after evaluating and making an offer on your collection, unlike other stamp companies, if we do not purchase the collection, we cover all return shipping expenses. Additionally, if we do come to an agreement and complete the sale, we will also reimburse you the cost of the initial shipment to us.

Travel schedule:

We can usually make arrangements within 2 weeks to come to you. Although most collections are shipped to us, we do not recommend shipping large investment collections; in these instances we will travel to you.

Things to avoid before you sell your stamp collection:

Organizing the collection

When someone inherits a stamp collection, they will often try to organize it for us. This is something that we do not recommend. If the person does not have experience in dealing with stamps, a person can actually do more harm than good by trying to organize the collection. Also, every collector had a method to his/her madness; although sometimes it does not look organized, it actually is.

Online auctions:

Online auctions can be very risky if you do not have a stamp collector or dealer following already established. For example, there are many times a person will see an item sell for $100 but only receive $40 when they try to sell the same item themselves.

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