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About Nicholas Vespucci

Hi! My name is Nicholas Vespucci! I found my first stamp collection 13 years ago at a Salvation Army in San Diego and I was hooked from day one! I began to amass more collections and spent a few years researching the stamp market. I started advertising and making

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SEQUIM — 08/09/2014 — Stamp collecting has been called “the hobby of kings and the king of hobbies.” Although collecting has been on a decline, more than 5 million individuals in the United States collect the small pieces of paper that indicate payment of postage. Some individuals begin as young as the age of 4, and many continue to collect until the day they die.

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Sell Your Stamp Collection

So, you have decided that you may want to sell a stamp collection. There are several things to consider when selling your stamp collection. Through our years of experience, we have created a simplified process for buying and selling large stamp collections.

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